In the e-mail I received the following:

This is describing abortion, but it could be stated about any other activity on the Left’s agenda.

“It’s another example of the escalation that is part of the leftist activist agenda. At first, it is claimed to be enough that something become legal. Next, it is demanded that it never be met with disapproval or criticism. The next step is the requirement that everyone celebrate it.”

[From the comments]
Which is why I keep asserting that, in any socialistic system, eventually all thought, speech and behavior must be categorized as either forbidden or mandatory. Isn’t that at base, what political correctness amounts to? It must be so because socialism’s very survival is dependent upon it. All forms of rejection of reality, must eventually be imposed.

I have been slowly reading through “Breakthrough” by James O’Keefe.  On page 272 he has the following statement: “I began to understand that almost nothing scares the government-media complex more than the threat of an honest election.”  This is the same media wanting to have us believe that a picture of a cross in urine is acceptable art to be supported by tax money, but the name of a football team is offensive.  This is the crew telling us that the last years of Bush were the worst economy in the last 30 years and now that everything is circling the drain, we have been in how many summers of recovery?  When the biggest threat to the media, government, or school is truth, it’s time to get your information elsewhere.  To be honest, I wanted to stop with that last sentence, but to circle back to the e-mail, do you remember in Orwell’s book “1984” the name of the torture center established to brainwash those who didn’t follow the party line?  I feel it safe to assume the opposite, or apply to the speaker the characteristics that the left throws around as well as consider the opposite of the names they apply to certain agencies.  As example, how secure has the National Security Agency made us?  What is the skin color of the real racists in a Sharpton rally?  One can easily dogpile on these.