On the way home, I flipped through channels and noted a piece of a song something along the lines of “It’s a quarter past one and I’m all undone, and I need you now.”  That had me thinking about forming relationships.  I am married because I want to be.  I lived well alone and even managed life with a teenager and myself.  There was also a period of time where I sought company of individuals and groups at church – because I needed them.  When one is in need, there is a void required to be filled before that individual is able to pour out on others.  During that time, it is entirely accurate to say, “I need you now,” but that is need, not a basis for relationship.  Once one’s needs are fulfilled, it is then possible to consider relationship where one considers the other’s ideas and needs.  With that in mind, I have little patience for songs purporting that “I can’t live without you.”  That is need which leads to dependence and destroys a relationship.  Science Fiction does have that idea right.  Anyplace where I have seen shared spirits, the result is always destruction.  The more accurate approach, in my opinion, is that I can live quite well by myself, but choose to spend time with you as life is even better.

There was another thought from my previous post on sex.  A long time ago, we had a squiggle channel.  That was the adult channel with the picture wavy, but the sound clear.  I noted an interaction there where some female was asked about going in to the video shoot and to show off her wares.  This is all expected on such a channel.  I was cogitating about that sort of interaction and a thought struck.  Here are individuals, total strangers, engaging in intimate acts in front of cameras with individuals operating them and director instructing what to do (I presume).  What are the odds of them actually forming a good relationship?