As you might have noticed, when the blog postings are down, my other activities are up.  Recently, this is no exception.  Just a small piece of what’s happening: post the wedding, I still have a video to make/splice, soffit on the shed is in need of application – there are 5 pieces now applied, we are teaching a bell choir at the end of October – the tables, music stands, pads, covers, bells, and music are now set.  I have some work pages remaining, but for the most part, it’s ready.  We now have an adjustable mirror to use behind the screen for the Samson project.  It has a height adjustment of about a foot and can be tilted to hopefully match whatever platform we encounter.  There is a carrying case which needs to be made still.  I was pulling weeds the other day – my thumb looks like a diabetic.  There were so many blood tests that afternoon.  Anyone having weeds that don’t have stickers  – count yourself blessed.