We went to see kidinbox this past weekend.  That necessitated a trip to a city part way across Texas.  Upon arrival, we were met with a kid sounding stuffy and coughing occasionally.  I checked the medication list and noted guaifenesin and pseudophed (I spelled them the best I could at this time of day) were both listed.  The one I was desiring was mucinex.  That’s not a problem.  We went straight to the big box store and hopped in line at the pharmacy to get something for a stuffy nose and cough.  I know it’s been around a while, but it’s a good reminder to try this and see what the state has done.  This stuffy nose is now a state issue – complete with driver’s license and verification of address.  As memory serves, this was adopted to help fight the drug trade.  Has any of that trade been diminished by this?  I know, bad question.  Similar to getting groped in the airport.  Has a single terrorist been caught by all this violation of the 4th amendment?  (compare to what passengers have done)  What is does do, is provide the state with personal information of where we had a cold, with what currency the medication was obtained and if it was a card of some sort, be able to match this to other purchases and create a profile.  Anyone want to bet me they are not doing this?  grrrr