One thing that isn’t taught in nursing school, well there are many things they don’t teach there, just one of them is how your day will change with a single phone call.  Things can be running rather well, so to speak, and the ring, ring happens innocently enough leading to a “oh, crap” moment.  The rest of the day has forever changed.  With this lead-up, you know I had one of those calls.  Just for a bit of background, I have had an odd chest pain for the past 20 years.  I have had stress tests, echoes, exams – more than I can remember, and no one has been able to put their finger on the source of the discomfort.  I say discomfort as it is not really bad – about 2 on the scale of 10 and I have lived with it for decades without any real idea what was happening.  A new doc (to me, that is) had me do an ultrasound of the gallbladder as a screening and I am due all those fun scopes next year about which Dave Barry so eloquently writes.  I won’t attempt any of that level, but just say that whoever called that stuff “go lightly” (spelling changed, of course) should have to use it.  There’s nothing light about it.  Enough said.  At lunch time I had a message on my phone from the doctor saying he had the results of my ultrasound please call back, nothing urgent, just please return the call.  So I did.   He wants me to have my gallbladder removed.  The term used was polyps.  I was advised my options are do nothing, and check later to see if they have changed size, risk obstruction, or future production of cancer.  I told him that I had to think on it a bit.  I know he was thinking, “what’s to think about,” but he didn’t say that of course.  I hung up and started about the task of finding out what insurance would cover, what time I had available, and trying to gauge how much time off this would require.  Basically, since this is not an emergency where I am bending over with a 9 out of 10 pain level, it would be best to schedule it when it’s most convenient for me.  I figure that’s fair.  If they are going to end up with a couple month’s salary from me, it might as well be on my time frame.  Mind you, that’s after insurance – Zero care and all.  <> Let’s all take a moment to thank the democrat voters, dead and alive, who have forced on us such a system.  </saracasm>