To expand on the single line I placed in siblinginbox’s link list, I heard on the radio some commentator talking about how incompetent Zero was.  He intervened in Lybia and the muslims are taking over, he intervened in Egypt, and the muslims are taking over, he removed all our troops in Iraq and the – well, you get the theme.  The commentator presented this as incompetence.  What if that was Zero’s intent?  I know it’s a rough thought to maintain, but give it a moment and consider if it’s malice, rather than incompetence.  Now you understand my mindset on saying Zero is doing exactly what he intended.  The United States is being destroyed in its standing in the world and the caliphate is in the process of being reborn in the Middle East.  This is the president who announced we are not a Christian nation and hosted muslim prayers at the White House.  This is the want-to-be dictator who won’t allow drilling on our soil forcing our money to the very groups who want to kill us.  Throw all these in the salad bowl and the result is easy to see for any who are willing.