I know blogging has been light, but that is normal for me.  It occurred to me through the weekend to give you a taste of what I put spouseinbox through.  I have such a wonderful partner in grime.  To be efficient, I took a 3×5 card and started listing all the things which seemed pertinent for time on Saturday.  It went like this:




mirror case



Samson song-Wed

back yard weeds

truck bed

porch light


screen door

vacuum carpet

fish filter

dog run 50′

wash sheets

flea tx on animals



ss screws for flag pole

Considering the starting point, it seemed like a rather productive weekend.  I know all of those were cryptic and truly just reminders, so to give a bit of detail: siblinginbox provided us a gift – a light tube to take the sunlight from the outside and put it into the garage where the washer and dryer are.  That is now installed.  In the middle of the day, we want to say, “turn out the lights in there.  I don’t work for the electric company.” (just a reminder of dad)  Typing of which, that reminds me of one of my favorite pranks on dad.  You already know his phrase and the other item is a 101 in 1 electronic kit I found in a garage sale.  There were that many different projects to make from the instruction book using the wires provided to connect the various components by spring.  One item there was a “light failure alarm” touted as a means to monitor a light in a remote location.  When it burned out, the alarm would sound.  I built it and found out that when one placed a hand over the light sensor, it would indeed scream.  Not too loud, but one of those annoying electronic wails.  Now came the moment that I had to figure out what to do with it.  There was a trash can on each side of the arch between the kitchen and living room, so I put the kit behind one of the trash cans and a flashlight behind the other.  When one stepped into the living room, the alarm would sound.  I made the cat jump this way.  🙂  There were glass doors on the shower, so it seemed reasonable to place it in the shower aimed up at the light, shut the door and leave on the light.  It wasn’t long before dad happened by and gave his speech about the electric company and shut off the light.   WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…   He turned the light on again, and of course it quit.  “What the?  All right, who’s the wise guy?”  Let’s just say I am here today because he had a sense of humor.  Just saying.

Well, the skylight is in, the truck cleaned out and several other things of practical need were done when spouseinbox and I went to Lowe’s to pick out the storm door.  This has been one of those back burner jobs for a year now.  To get a breeze through the house, one needed to open the front music room window and the back door.  Now, we can do the task with just the doors, and has the added feature of a closer which works when the hands are full and Jake and Pearl are roaming.

When we fixed the flag pole, it required a new pole on the inside and we used a regular galvanized pipe inside of the flagpole with a cap installed on top of the galvanized pipe to match it to the inside of the aluminum pole.  This meant that there was very little space between the pipes and the screws holding the tie-off cleat didn’t go all the way to snug.  We removed them, drilled new holes and tapped them to allow some 10-32 stainless steel screws to occupy that space holding the cleat.  I think it looks rather good now.  Well, there’s a little flavor of the weekend.  I have our camera stand on the back porch ready for the morning and the blood moon.  I was out this morning getting the alignment and playing with the camera settings.  Oh to have a 2000 mm lens.  I can dream.