Many years ago, I was on a board at church.  We were conducting usual business when something was presented that made my inner self sick.  There was an insurance proposal being considered and the company made it clear that we, the church, needed to adopt their “recommendations” to continue to receive insurance coverage.  They presented the idea that predators would join a church to get access to kids.  We were to adopt windows in all of the classroom doors, which seemed reasonable, but then they required that the nursery be staffed 100% by females.  The only male allowed there was one to change his own child and then had to immediately leave.  The church was to adopt the rule that all men, no matter who they were, are child abusers.  That just rubbed me the wrong way.  Can anyone say discrimination?  How about stereotyping?  I guess stereotyping and discrimination are all right as long as the correct individuals get to bear the brunt of it.  There are effects to this kind of behavior.  Those who would protect children are now inhibited from doing so – or they have to make that choice – protect the child and do time for providing that protection, or just turn a blind eye and go about one’s life as was described in the story.  This only perpetuates the idea that men are scoundrels, because they are the only type remaining once the good protecting men are removed.