I have 2 examples:

1.) I despise tailgaters.  If someone tries pushing me down the road it’s an open invitation to either maintain speed, or slow down and icing on the cake is if the additional land is occupied forcing the tailgater to go slower.  In other words, it is my adopted job to make the tailgater miserable.  Thank you very much.  I get to smile when one goes by pedal to the metal shaking a distal appendage.  That said, I was following kidinbox home – our home – when a character didn’t feel we were progressing adequately, pulled around us, and pushed into the following space I had left between kidinbox and us.  Yes, there was adequate space to follow.  There was not enough space for an additional car.  Brakes. Tap.  Slow. Give. A. Bit. More. Space.  I ended up slowing a bit more than required as we were getting closer to the second to last turn before home and obviously there was not enough room for this hog to run around both of us and still get the turn.  We. Went. Slower.  I think mid 20’s.  When we finally made it home, kidinbox said the offending driver was noted and speed was appropriately slowed.  🙂

2.) Yesterday was Sea World day.  We all went across west Texas to San Antonio for a day with the rides and animals.  Being October, they are having their Halloween decor.  Kidinbox was wearing a tee shirt proclaiming “American Horror Story” and sporting a picture of a whited female face with the eyes black and black substance draining from the inferior aspect of the eyes down the cheeks.  I examined the picture and title and began, “You know, if you wanted a real American Horror Story…”  Kidinbox finished, “They didn’t have one with Zero’s picture.”

Kidinbox knows me.