I went through my first haunted house at Sea World yesterday.  I went with kidinbox and picked the ICU as it did have a “medical” theme.  While standing in line, I had to note that it will probably be problematic as I will spend time noting their errors as I have been in the hospital with partial body parts removed, and had to do the dressings.  I have set up traction and cared for protruding pins.  I have held the hand of someone in cancer ward and told them it was all right to let go, and held their hand until the carotid artery beat its last.  I didn’t see that there would be too much they could do which I haven’t seen.  Just saying.  What we were greeted with was a representation of an old time psych ward with all kinds of patients wanting out, sneaking up behind, tied to the bed, etc.  Well, I did 5 years in a state institution and afterwards had to say that the biggest difference was that we were assured there would be no touching there.  It’s not so in the state school.  I have had my head hit such that my description was feeling like I was struck with a 2×4.  There is no assurance of coming out unscathed.  I guess this is from where the saying comes, “you can’t scare me, I’m a nurse.”