I have heard a small murmur of an order signed by Zero recently allowing the feds to enter citizen’s homes and take whatever provisions they find there in excess of what some bureaucrat feels is needful for the individual.  Let me posit the first thought of this behavior, that is it is only possible for someone who doesn’t believe in private property.  If there was a belief in private property, this kind of action could not even be considered.  Zero did this because he doesn’t believe what you have is yours.  That said, consider the propaganda presented for this – to give to those who don’t have enough.  Next, consider that what the federal government gives out has to be certified by themselves to the individuals receiving it.  Inspectors go through food plants and hassle farmers all in the name of maintaining food quality.  In a nation of 300 million people, how many of those knowing that the feds are now planning to steal their wares would sabotage the food.  For the individual saboteur, it’s just simply, “avoid the red can on the third shelf.”  For the feds who then would claim responsibility for what was provided to others, inspections and testings would have to commence to ensure safety, or they would simply have to destroy the food for protection from contaminated supplies.

That is my proposed evaluation of this rule.  The feds have given themselves permission to steal our very food so it may be destroyed and we more dependent upon what they do provide.  After all, it’s much harder to control a population that can care for itself, feed itself, and think for itself.