You may remember the letter from Jake a few weeks back.  I will admit not heeding its plea, and Batman is still with us.  The radius of comfort has diminished considerably, but there are still moments where that personal space gets invaded.  My best description takes its position on the highway.  Imagine driving down the road with the windows down, the radio off (yes, it’s quiet) and you pass the eighteen wheeler.  The roar of the engine maintains an even bass sound as this is a patch of road that’s level and no switching gears is needed.  While passing this truck, the air tank on the brake system reaches full capacity and the pressure relief valve activates to get the pressure back to operating range.  That moment when the valve releases is like Batman getting into Jake’s personal space.  Quiet, quiet, quiet, PSSSSSSS!!!, or, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, PSSSSSSS!!!  All in all, things are getting better.  At least Jake hasn’t written any more letters.