I have heard opinions about the coming election and two have boiled to the top of the pot. The first is that the citizens, or rather the one stating the opinion have had enough of both parties being faded mirrors of each other and don’t want to provide legitimacy to the lesser of evils by giving them a vote. A near quote is if they are going to he!! in a hand-basket, it’s best to get out of the way and not legitimize the trip. The second opinion took the form of a book a couple of elections back stating that if the margin was large enough, they couldn’t cheat. I would restate it that the Republicans have to win with a margin larger than the fraud that will occur. Colorado and Chicago, I’m talking about you, but know you have plenty of company. That’s the problem. It’s not just in the casting of ballots where the issue occurs. I have heard the saying that it doesn’t matter who casts the ballots as long as the counter is the right person. Siblinginbox attributed that one to Stalin. With that in mind, look at your secretary of state and ask if that person was Soros supported. If so, they are there for only one purpose, and it isn’t to get a fair election. Ohio, if you remember, had an untested software for compiling the election results show up at the last minute, no verification was done, and it was installed. Remember these items when you are looking at the critters’ names on that ballot Tuesday. By all means, go. If you don’t, the socialists democrats get more seats to continue the degradation of America unabated.  Your vote is needed to bypass the level of fraud that will be there.