I remember a discussion not too awful long ago, about changes in the rules of the operation of the senate.  The changes were implemented to allow the Democrats opportunity to block any bills coming from the Republican house.  The rules changes also allowed voting on judges by simple majority – allowing approval of so-in-so judges whose job is simply to enforce socialism from the bench without ability of the Republicans to block the appointment.  I heard a voice here and there at that time speaking on how the Republicans would right the ship once in power.  Now that you have the power, I want to note that the Democrats have put you through a couple of years of schooling on how to block the opposition party with a razor thin majority.  Rewrite the rules, so that the razor is enough, and don’t allow opposition any more than token representation on committee.  You know this because you have lived this.  Now it’s time to do it.  I am saying that you keep the same rules the Democrats put in place and relegate them to token representation on committees and simple majority approval of Zero’s appointments.  That means you can block any appointment you want until Zero comes up with a qualified candidate for position.  (don’t hold your breath there)  This is the game the Democrats were playing, and the one you need to continue.  If you return to the former rules, what I would fully expect is any reform to be blocked by the Democrats with the anticipated whine that we could not really reform anything because of the opposition.  If you go there, I will know that you 1) don’t want to reform anything and want to use the Democrats to cover for that desire, or 2) you did not learn anything about governing with a small majority from the last couple of years of living it.  You were placed there to reform the mess that is there, and we expect results.  No employee is hired to not work for the employer.  We elect representatives, not rulers.

While I’m on the subject, we understand that the principle power structure in Washington is not voted and out of reach of we the people – bureaucracy.  This branch of government was placed there to order our lives, without our permission, and have no recourse from us the effected.  The reform I would like to see is a limitation on the myriad bureaucracies which are truly dispensable.  Any one that would be on vacation during a government shut-down needs to be dispensed.  That vacation time tells we the taxpayers who are charged for them, that they are a waste of our money.  If you want to tout reform, real reform would show there.  Any removal of government job is a demonstration that you value we the people.  Conversely, any addition of government jobs tells us that you have no clue where the blood of government originates.  As a reminder, it originates in the labor of any of us working in the private sector turning our labor into money to be taxed and forceably removed for the government’s desires.  Anyone receiving a government check doesn’t qualify, as that paycheck was removed from someone working in the private sector to give to them.  If you want to maintain your positions, and extend them in 2016, show we the people that you represent us and value what we do by protecting us from the government of which you are now a part.