I can claim to be a bit sore and tired as spouseinbox and I finished the roof on the shed.  This has been a 3 week project; the North side on the first week, the South side on week2, and the top with ridge vent today.  We still have to clean up the yard, but the roof is there.  The further piece of information is that we hired a company to do the roof in August and still have yet to hear from them.  I took the figure they proposed, subtracted the supplies and feel we earned enough to have a celebratory meal.  This was done at a local grill and I ordered the surf and turf, and spouseinbox ordered the ribeye.  They were quite good and the veges were well accented.  Spouseinbox thought it was vinaigrette and I’m inclined to agree.  So the next time we steam some broccoli, I’m considering putting a shake of balsamic vinagerette dressing with a shake of Parmesan cheese.  I’m hoping it will be close to what we had tonight:

photo 1(2) photo 2(1)