You may remember the post on our celebration dinner last night.  Well, there were leftovers.  More specifically, there was a good piece of rib-eye, some potato, and grilled veges brought home.  Since today was Sunday, and we were home most of the afternoon, I decided to make pizza dough and have pizzas for supper.  The advantage of making pizza dough from scratch, is I get to add parsley, oregano, and garlic to the dough, so it has flavor as well as the toppings.  This process normally provides three pizzas, a large and two small.  Spouseinbox took a small pizza, diced up the ribeye, blocked the potatoes into pieces between the squares of ribeye, and sprinkled the diced veges around.  A little cheese covered the top and it was announced that we had leftover pizza.  Let’s just say that Pizza Hut has nothing close to ribeye as a topping.  Yes, it was good.  The other pizzas were covered with sausage, bacon, green pepper, black olive, and peperoni.  Also, making pizza from scratch also allows me to add some Monterrey Jack and Colby to the mozzarella.  Yes, we do have leftovers.  Delicious looking leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  🙂