During church this morning, we were sitting in the foyer.  The other occupants of the space were a dad and boy about 2 years old.  I’m guessing so due to the presence of a diaper.  What was observed was this little guy running to the front door, then to the stairs, then to the nursery door, then to the front door again, then to the back hallway, then to the side hallway, then to the front door, then to….. The father was dutifully following this little guy and I got to wondering if this was the definition of aerobic exercise.

Later, we were in a local pizza place when an older boy came around our table doing the giant’s phrases: Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, and taking really big steps – big for him, that is.  I had the observation that this little fellow was imitating a giant – from his three foot of height.  His parents shewed him up into the adjacent bench seat and heard him tapping something hard on the rail near my head height – while I was seated.  I looked up to see him standing on the bench which allowed him to look over the rail.  His parent shewed him again, this time on to his bottom side, and out of my sight.  While I was up recharging my plate with the pizza goodness, this same little guy was crawling under my chair.  (I was not aware of this moment.)  Upon arrival back at the table, I was asked about a ring.  The only thing I could think was the tapping which occurred when he first climbed up into the bench and informed his parents of that, looked at and under the table without luck.  We finished imbibing calories, and went to a store in the same shopping center.  There was something of interest on a bottom shelf, and when I bent over to take a look, a ring fell on the floor.  Shazzam!  What do we have here?  We checked out, and went back to the pizza place where the family was gathered around the air-hockey table and presented the ring.  It’s never a dull day with kids, even if they aren’t your own.