I received information that there were important updates from M$.  I tried to get this computer setup and discovered that there was no update available.  I looked into the services folder and there was none available there to operate.  I tried a system search and no update was found.  I tried to get one downloaded from M$, without success either.   There was an instruction of how to operate the update in the system, but nothing about where to go when it was removed.  So I tried to back up and followed the restore points in the system to get back to the point where update was available, and I could run it.  After going through all of the restore points, there was no update.  Stink.  That left one option.  I went and purchased the largest thumb drive I could find and started downloading all of the files that we were to keep.  They filled the drive.  I had to buy another one and continue the process.  Once there, I pulled out the restore disks and began the process of rebuilding the system.  I have just finished reinstalling the system, downloading all of the updates – which took 5 repeats of the process, and placing all of the files from the thumb drives back on the computer.  They are not all in proper location, but at least they are available.  I also have to reinstall all of the additional programs I had previously been using.  Of that set, I only have one started.  Oh well.  such is life with computers and viruses.