We have family over for visits and have been enjoying time together.  One activity we did was to watch “Casablanca.”  It is an old black and white film set in WW2.  The quality of the characters and story reinforced my opinion of the higher quality of older films.  Consider that a few months ago we went with kidinbox to see “How to train your dragon 2.”  I was asked my impression and had to say it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be.  They actually took the evil character, applied the cliched “you can just talk to someone and they will change,” and let the evil character be unaffected.  Compare that to a film we just watched where there were not really good and bad characters, but a whole host of individuals behaving in response to their own predilections, war, poor political environment, and the interactions were being observed as the movie.  There was character development and a seemingly simple plot that still left one in wonder at the movement of events.  Such is not the quality of modern movies – as I’ve observed.

I went to the mall to obtain a few electronic parts for a sound piece on which we are working.  We passed the big box store and noted a parking lot entirely full with cars parking in the adjacent store’s lot.  I’m not going there, thank you very much.  It was enough to go to the electronic store in the mall and hear a female complain to a man about his presence in line, state he was cutting in front of her, gripe at the female that she must be just like the man, and then when the man walked by to another part of the store, complain that a glove brushed her and that other wives control their husbands.  I found that last part rather bothersome.  It occurred to me that modern media has really done a good job that a comment was presented announcing that the husband was under the control of the wife.  Really?  He is not an independent sentient being?  He is not individually responsible for his actions?  I was thinking about that interaction and decided the depreciation of the male was on full display.

One other thing keeps me from the black Friday events – I like myself.  I have had reports from a relative who is quite familiar with these occurrences that people are actually fighting over sales items.  Umm, it’s stuff.  It’s not that important compared to my bodily formation.  I like to stay in one piece, and I like my separation from the police department.  Having to make sworn statements is not a way I wish to give thanks.  I can enjoy this day without legal consultation.

Spouseinbox is looking at pictures of the lines at the events going from the store to the road and I had to contrast that we were sitting here together in the privacy of our own room without any fussing pushing, or angst.  It’s a much better way to spend Thanksgiving – in my opinion.