January 2015

Phones 101: I spend a good portion of my day on the phone.  Work even provided one of those units which hooks on the ear.  I have run it out of battery power.  Related to and a subset of this class is: insurance companies – negotiation – how to maintain your sanity while conversing with a computer disguised as a human.  At the desk from which I presently work, the former occupant left a comic: there is a man on a psychiatrist bed and the psychiatrist sitting in a chair – caption reads, “of course I understand insanity.  I work with insurance companies every day.”  That is so true.  I received a fax from one at a different office.  The fax read that a certain patient, let’s call him John Smith, did not need a prior authorization, and we could submit the prescription for a particular medication directly.  It looked like good news.  I tried looking up John Smith and there was a phone book of them in the computer.  I looked back at the fax.  There was an insurance ID.  OK.  Not a problem.  I tried to search by the insurance ID and found nothing.  Being January, the patient may have a new insurance not in the system yet.  Well, as a last ditch effort, I called the company on the number given on the fax.

IC: Please listen to the following message as the options have changed…

I eventually was able to speak to a voice backed up by a pulse, not a transformer.

NIB: Hello, this is nurseinbox and I received a fax from your company on John Smith.

IC: What is the patient’s birth date.

NIB: That is the reason I am calling.  You didn’t send me the birth date, and I need to know which John Smith this is.

IC: You need to give us three pieces of information before I can provide you any information on this patient.

NIB: I am calling because of your fax, providing the information you gave me.  I do have an insurance ID which I need to match with the correct patient.

IC: We are not allowed to give out any information using the ID.  Why don’t you call the number on the fax received and ask for assistance

(blink, blink)

NIB: That’s what I did, and how I am talking with you.

IC: I’m sorry I can’t help you.  I could transfer you to the accounts representative and see if they could assist.

NIB: You can send a note to your manager that when faxing a doctor’s office, it would be nice to provide correct identifying information so that we could know the patient of which you refer.

IC: I will send the note.

(plunk, grrrr)

Actually, this is an extremely brief account of the interaction which drug on in that fashion for about 3 minutes before I got to the GRRRR.  They don’t tell you in nursing school how long a 3 minute conversation feels.



The audio isn’t the greatest, but still worth the time.

Allow This!

Considering the behavior of the Germans during this decade?  What year is it here, and who are playing the part of the Jews?  I would propose the gun owners and conservatives are being groomed by the media.

I know you spent some effort on your hair.  I would even consider the possibility that you paid good money at a salon for the effect we are presented.  I do, however, have one question.  Was it 120 or 240 volts?

From the email:


I have maintained for a long period of time that islam isn’t a religion, but rather a tribal totalitarian ideology with a whitewash of religion as one examines its behavior.  This author is a bit more generous:

The spiritual power of religion balances between violence and non-violence. Most religions believe that there is a time to fight, but only Islam believes in violence as the first and final religious solution

The reason violence is the base response is that it is a tribal response rooted in the 7th century.  I have been reading 2 Samuel as of late and it struck me how similar the behaviors were between the Old Testament peoples and modern islam.  Besides the designation of Jews as God’s people, what was the deciding factor in relations between peoples in the Old Testament?  Tribes.  If you are not one of us, we need to subdue you, kill you, etc as the mindset.  Look at this writing with that idea and their behavior makes sense.  Note that I mentioned sense, not agreement.  It’s like playing a game of chess and coming to the realization of the opponent’s strategy.  From that moment, formerly senseless moves take on meaning.  I apply this same reasoning to Zero.  If one looks at his behaviors as done from a vicious standpoint, they make sense.  That’s why it irritates me that commenters, pundits, etc provide cover by saying that Zero is incompetent, or inexperienced.  He is neither.  He is destructive.  The MSP, schools, and media are the only reasons he could survive.  I’m feeling a rant mode, so I’ll back away and close for now.  Go ahead and read the writing in Sultan Knish on religion.  It is a pretty good writeup – if one were actually speaking of religions.

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