The new year is often presented as a newborn baby.  It is there as the cuddly gift of God with all the potential available and possibilities as endless.  In our country’s case, we had a good DNA which has undergone mutation to such a degree that the original purpose of the Constitution is unrecognizable at this point.   Consider that per the Supreme Court, cops don’t have to obey the letter of the law any morecitizens subjects still do.  Officials can have a “misunderstanding” of the law.  Do we have that privilege?

Politics aside, the weather decided to have another puberty, and rain at the same time.  Yes, teenage degrees and water.  That’s quite a mix on the road.  I’m told there were about a hundred accidents in 20 hours.  We just stayed home and worked around the house and in the kitchen  and shed and only ventured out in the early afternoon when the ice started to melt.  Supper was pretty good: ham with cloves, honey and brown sugar, black-eye peas with bacon, and salad.

First SupperThere is a bit more insulation in the shed, and a new song is finished, and now in process of being transferred to a CD so we may use is as accompaniment.  All in all, it has been a good start to a year – politics excepted.