From the comments:

Are there Maoists (Anita Dunn), Communists (Van Jones), Palestinian extremists (Rashid Khalidi/Ali Abunimah), Iran sympathizers and collaborators (Jarrett), terrorism advancers/financers (Muslim Brotherhood), Jew haters (Nation of Islam), OWS, (Sam Graham Felsen)….that we KNOW are influencers in Obama’s administration?This sets aside a LIFETIME of cleaving to a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, a CPUSA advocate Frank Marshall Davis, militant white haters Don Warden/Black Panthers, white/Jew/Italian/hating God Damn America Jeremiah Wright, the most radical professors at Occidental/Columbia, the New Party, Gamaliel, Midwest Academy, Socialist Scholars.

Those are the ones we KNOW.

Is there a sleeper cell in the White House? The answer is no, my heroic friend. Absolutely, positively, definitely not. At least by my understanding of the phrase. My understanding of a sleeper cell is one that is dormant. Not yet unleashed to do damage. Held back from taking any adverse action.

THAT does not describe what has taken place the last six years. Obama campaign offices in 2008 were littered with Che Guevars posters. NUMEROUS people when found inside had to be deep sixed out of view. Associations with Carl Davidson and Nation of Islam had to be ferreted out of view.

No, Roger…there is nothing “sleeper/dormant” about Obama’s White House.

They are active…and not restricted to just the White House. Weaponized agencies are filled to the gills with Marxist/Islamist/militancy. Our DOJ, EPA, IRS, and all the defense apparatus agencies have been infiltrated and infested.

Health and Human Services. Communications (with media conspirators and kneepadders …related and unrelated coordinating daily).

Energy. State. NSA. Treasury.

Even if we hold the Senate and win back the White House in 2016, an alert/aware/aggressive/astute Republican Party (a fictional hypothetical for the moment) would take years to root out all the planted traitors.

This is not a matter of “if” this infestation exists. Republicans are mostly not the fictional description above. They are clueless/blissfully unaware/weak/capitulating.

What do the Marxists/Islamists want? What is their goal? What is the end game?

I can tell you this, Roger. It is NOT the continuation and advancement of free market, Constitutional, representative, Judeo-Christian self-governing society with hyperpower world influence.

Partially hidden (and media cloaked) intent? Definitely.

Not yet fully unleashed? I agree. Worse to come.

But sleeper/dormant? Not by a long shot. The weaponized White House and their equally weaponized agencies have attacked us repeatedly. At home, in our houses, in our private computers, in our free press, in our healthcare, in our energy, in our voting booths.

Sleeper? My dear friend, the ones who have been sleeping…are we.