I remember seeing old reruns of Batman and Superman.  What was the goal of their encounters with evil?  It was to get the bad person to justice.  Now that I’ve typed it, I remember the Lone Ranger had the same goal.  Fast forward to the movies.  What was the goal of the modern Batman and Superman and the newest Lone Ranger?  Justice within the system?  As I remember, the bad guy died.  That difference struck me as a cultural change relative the appearance in court.  There was no longer any assurance that truth would prevail the defendant would receive justice.  A lawyer in NC provided the next step.  The truth of one’s actions no longer counts, just the force of those in power.  If this lawyer can remove punishment from an admitted guilty party, what is the law except dictates of those with power who try and enforce their will on those without as much power?  Get this person (with power) on your side, and you may rid yourself of the wielder of greater power.  This places the law, and courts in the position of not enforcing the law and seeking truth, but gangs running a protection racket.  I only wish it were not so.

We previously saw how police are not now having to follow the law, but the populace is.  This clear demarcation between governmental force and private citizen is the polar opposite of this country’s founding.  In the back of my head, there is a pot bubbling with the idea that this is the desired result of proliferation of laws covering every behavior of an individual, and completely incomprehensible to anyone, but useful by any politician desiring to employ the force of government in enforcing those demands.  The end result is loss of respect for laws by the population, increased power of political position holders who direct governmental force and descent to tyranny – the end product.