I have maintained for a long period of time that islam isn’t a religion, but rather a tribal totalitarian ideology with a whitewash of religion as one examines its behavior.  This author is a bit more generous:

The spiritual power of religion balances between violence and non-violence. Most religions believe that there is a time to fight, but only Islam believes in violence as the first and final religious solution

The reason violence is the base response is that it is a tribal response rooted in the 7th century.  I have been reading 2 Samuel as of late and it struck me how similar the behaviors were between the Old Testament peoples and modern islam.  Besides the designation of Jews as God’s people, what was the deciding factor in relations between peoples in the Old Testament?  Tribes.  If you are not one of us, we need to subdue you, kill you, etc as the mindset.  Look at this writing with that idea and their behavior makes sense.  Note that I mentioned sense, not agreement.  It’s like playing a game of chess and coming to the realization of the opponent’s strategy.  From that moment, formerly senseless moves take on meaning.  I apply this same reasoning to Zero.  If one looks at his behaviors as done from a vicious standpoint, they make sense.  That’s why it irritates me that commenters, pundits, etc provide cover by saying that Zero is incompetent, or inexperienced.  He is neither.  He is destructive.  The MSP, schools, and media are the only reasons he could survive.  I’m feeling a rant mode, so I’ll back away and close for now.  Go ahead and read the writing in Sultan Knish on religion.  It is a pretty good writeup – if one were actually speaking of religions.