Via siblinginbox, I have been informed that if you do turbotax and have anything more than a simple return, the system will let you get a bunch of information entered, and then request an additional payment of whatever to get the software to file the claim.  This seems to be under the assumption that once a person has a certain amount of time invested in a project, they are more likely to pay an additional fee, than start over with another product.  If you have similar or different information – experience – leave it in the comments.

We are going to be working on taxes today, and will be using the services of an individual who has an office sort of like a hole in the wall.  I had to be told they were there.  All they do are taxes.  When our financial adviser uses them, it’s probably a good recommendation.  It may be a bit more than turbotax or other, but we have customer service and confidence in the resulting product as well as an additional name backing up our presentation to the government’s enforcer.