I would add 6. Real men will follow a leader, but not blindly.  Real men don’t mind authority, when exercised and applied appropriately, but feel the need to act appropriately when it is not, or when it is absent.  I believe that is the reason for the all out war against men in this society – they are the true authority and when removed, the vacuum is filled by government.  I previously mentioned a conversation with some females who didn’t like the idea that I said lack of a man in the house made government the father.   When challenged, I asked, “Who do you call when the kids won’t behave?”  Maybe that’s why John Wayne is still such a beloved character – like him or hate him, he was a man.  Don’t forget that the female parts in the stories weren’t waifs.  Consider “True Grit.”  A real man doesn’t require the presence of a weak woman to exist.  A real man doesn’t wait for permission from the government either.  I think of the testimony of a Japanese pilot at Pearl Harbor.  He said he knew they would lose the war because a particular soldier was standing on the deck of the ship shooting a pistol at the plane.  The pistol could not have harmed the plane.  It wasn’t the pistol that this pilot saw.  He realized that these were men who would act appropriately (fight), without orders from those above.  Remember that these were men who grew up during the great depression.  They knew hardship and how to make due with limited resources.  They assessed the situation and acted accordingly.  That is why our present government doesn’t want real men.  They would assess the situation and act appropriately.