It is done.  The candy and flowers have been given, received, and sales are marked to remove the excess merchandise.  The day of celebrated romance for this year has passed.  We had quite a wonderful day as well.  It started out with a breakfast with a friend from church while spouseinbox stayed in bed.  After all, as opposites attract, a night owl married an early bird.  On return home, we started working on the basics in the house – taking out the trash as it was garbage pick-up day, changing the cat’s litter, running the vacuum, and then exchanging the cards we each obtained for the other.  This was the pleasant pause in the busy morning.  Once done, we again began working in the music room cleaning out stuff and putting up cardboard with egg-crate foam to make a dead space behind the newly obtained studio microphone.  Lunch followed at Red Lobster via a gift from siblinginbox, and we all enjoyed the blessings thereof.  On return, we worked in the music room some more and I asked spouseinbox to open the hood of the car.  Our Honda has over 100K and we have a set of spark plugs which have been begging for an install for a month.  It seemed high time to accomplish this task.  We started obtaining supplies, carrying them to the car, and dissembling the shield, wiring, and finally the spark coils over each spark plug.  They make modern cars quite different than the old V8 and V6 with distributor caps on which I used to be schooled by dad.  I wonder if anyone remembers points?  Anyways, I realized that we had not checked the gap on the spark plugs and so we went to the auto parts store to obtain a gap-tool as we could not find one in the shed.  I asked the part’s guy what the gap was supposed to be and was informed there was nothing listed.  I said, that maybe I could look it up in the manual once home, and was informed the iridium plugs are preset for life and good for 100K.  I guess this means we are set for another 6 years.

Well, we went home, added washer fluid to the reservoir, finished the spark plug change and tested the results of our efforts.  It ran.  Supper time was fast closing upon us and mominbox announced she was buying supper for us, so we went to the Golden Chick and obtained our usual 6 piece which we split.

On return home, we told mominbox we were going to run around for a bit and ended up getting the movie “When the Game Stands Tall.”  This was a rather enjoyable movie.  It included boys facing challenge to become men, and development of character.  I would recommend it.

As for synopsis of the day, I have to feel blessed.  I have spouseinbox there for each project.  We worked together on most everything which was done and coming up to 6 years of marriage, we love to be together.  (I had to note this as we were in church the other day and a lady asked is if we were married or dating, as we were seated, I with my arm around spouseinbox listening to the service.  Maybe marriage is supposed to mean going from hug to arm’s length, but we haven’t, so all is well.) Aside from the tradition of the day and retail aspects pushed in our culture, our day was blessed as we were together.  We were together in the cleaning, setup, engine dirt, spray glue, and curling up for a movie.