We, in the office, had an interesting moment the other day when a coworker announced her pregnancy.  She also let it be known that she knew if it was a boy or girl, but wanted to let the crew know in some fashion other than just an announcement.  A party was planned at which point she would reveal the sex of the baby and I offered to make the cupcakes.  It was revealed to me that not only would the baby have a certain set of genitalia, but that the entire office and the two adjacent offices would be attending.  So much for a pan of cupcakes I was originally planning.  Yes, I was thinking just spoon into the bottom of the cup, dye a bit of the mixture, spoon that into the middle, cover the top, a splash of frosting, and then we’re done.  No, I took a plunge off the deep end and decided that a couple cakes were appropriate for such a crowd and since it was either boy or girl, one for each would be appropriate and the new mom could cut into the cake of choice.

As an afterthought, I added a small cake to the center with a curly tail to be the ultrasound wand.  Now, when one has an ultrasound and is looking for a certain part of anatomy, how is that described?  From my experience, a few moons ago, the tech was looking for ether a hamburger, or a turtle, and so I presented the crew with the following:

Photo02241210The cheeseburger was the first time I put icing only in the middle of the cake, but it went over quite well, leaving the board only crumbs to return home.  The patty was a brownie.  The cheese was icing which I put into the freezer, cut into quarters, then turned around the quarters so that the cut edges would show, and then just spread the remaining yellow in the middle.  I was quite happy with the appearance.  My original idea for the turtle was to cut it and put vanilla pudding in the middle, but as it was, I got to bed after 2300, so couldn’t afford the extra time even though I think it would have improved the cake a little bit.

The wire on the ultrasound wand was all frosting and really gave my hand a workout.  I was quite pleased with its appearance as well.

Oh, she cut into the turtle.