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Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist?




My Cat Got a Better Credit Card Offer Than Me

In Washington, they are practically praying for a Christian terrorist. At a breakfast in January, President Obama reached all the way back to the Crusades for an example of violence purportedly motivated by Christian extremism. Days later, when three Muslims were murdered in Chapel Hill, social media erupted with demands that Christians be called upon to condemn the attacks in the same way that Muslims are called upon to condemn acts of Islamic terrorism, and the disappointment was palpable when the man charged with those murders turned out to be a militant atheist and Rachel Maddow fan who was angry about a parking dispute.


[from the comments]
Remember when they were openly pleading to see a Tea Party member as the culprit in the Boston Marathon Bombing?

YEAH, WELL, I THINK AMERICANS SHOULD IGNORE OBAMA’S PRONOUNCEMENTS WHEN IT’S IMPORTANT, TOO: Rasmussen: Plurality of Democrats think Obama should be able to ignore court rulings if it’s “important.” Quit paying taxes, obey only the laws you agree with, and punish anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. Goose, meet gander.

The federal committee responsible for nutrition guidelines is calling for the adoption of “plant-based” diets, taxes on dessert, trained obesity “interventionists” at worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television.
The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released its far-reaching 571-page report of recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Thursday, which detailed its plans to “transform the food system.”


JAY CARUSO: The Media: When You Attack Obama, You’re Attacking Them. “In Obama they see themselves. What he wants to carry out is what they want and they are going to do what they can to make sure these last two years he gets to do just that, the consequences be damned. So whether it is going after Rudy Giuliani or going after a Congressional staffer for a slight against the Obama daughters, the media is going to be out to defend Obama at all costs. That’s what the palace guard does.”

How One Fed-Up Dude Fixed an Awful Highway Sign Himself
At some point in your life you’ve probably encountered a problem in the built world where the fix was obvious to you. Maybe a door that opened the wrong way, or poorly painted marker on the road. Mostly, when we see these things, we grumble on the inside, and then do nothing.
But not Richard Ankrom.

This video shows the main parts of Wright’s sermon. One aspect of the video is very remarkable, yet almost no one seems to have noticed it. This is the reaction of the parishioners. As you can see in the video, the parishioners agree with Wright. Indeed, they agree enthusiastically. Several cheer when he reaches his climax—that God should damn America. Approximately half clap or stand up during the crescendo. As best I can tell, none of the parishioners are bothered by Wright’s words.

As any reasonable person would conclude, those parishioners do not love America. Even if Obama did not attend the sermon, and even if he never became aware of it, he had to know about the anti-American attitudes of his fellow parishioners. Yet he still chose to attend the church for some two decades.

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As you say, “Bottom line: Obama is probably not a Christian, when looking at the key points of doctrine that Christians agree among themselves to be the key defining elements. He may nonetheless see himself as one, due to his belief that if you identify yourself with the traditions of Christianity, even if the traditions as you’ve learned them from Rev. Wright himself, then you are.”

Agreed. I would just add that like many leftists Obama calls himself “X” in order to give his arguments the force of authority as being a member of “X”.
If he thought calling himself a Jew would give himself more authority he would call himself a Jew.
[That’s a key point;  Call yourself X, so you can say, “I’ve always been X, BUT…  – me]

THOMAS LIFSON: Rudy Giuliani And The One-Way Taboo. “Democrats are free to impugn their opponents’ decency and patriotism while Republicans never are allowed to do so. . . . The reason why the taboo against criticizing the love of country applies only to Democrats is because the question cuts too close to home for them, and they control the media enforcers of the taboo.”
Democrats use “civility” as a shield because they know that conservatives care about civility, while Democrats don’t. Thus, reproached for incivility, Republicans will retreat, while Dems will say “screw you, I’m stickin’ it to the man.”

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At the intersection of Calvin and Muad’Dib, we have this wisdom: http://calvinanddune.tumblr.com/post/56234161686/when-i-am-weaker-than-you-i-ask-you-for-freedom
“When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”
I fear that we have been undone by our own decency. Sociopaths always know how to manipulate the rest of us thusly.

Saul Alinsky framed it this way in his fourth Rule for Radicals: “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.” Alinsky’s own comment on the Rule: “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”
Of course, when they defeat us, they will certainly make the rules to be whatever they want them to be. Because winning makes you the boss.

ED ROGERS IN THE WASHINGTON POST: Why would anyone think Obama doesn’t love America? Plenty of reasons. “It’s easy to imagine Bill Clinton and either President Bush getting teary-eyed at the proverbial Fourth of July parade, as the veterans wave and flatbeds filled with 4-H kids roll by. It’s hard to imagine Obama in a similar situation. He has a cerebral, cool and aloof style that keeps him a little distant. It also probably makes some people wonder whether he feels much when faced with traditional triggers that warm the heart and produce the classic, patriotic, emotional response one would associate with the romanticized traditional love of country. Fair enough. But beyond generalities about style and persona, Obama’s policies, declarations and overall conduct in office make some think he is dissatisfied with America and its self-image. . . .
Many were left flat-footed and with jaws dropped after the president’s remarks at the recent National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, where he let the Islamic terrorists know that he is keeping their actions in context. Obama felt compelled to equate today’s Islamic terrorist butchers to the Christian Crusaders of 900 years ago. It was just another example of how the president appears willing to try to understand — if not justify — the actions of those who hate America. When the president is slow to condemn our enemies, it raises doubts about what he really thinks of their case against America.”

In a sign that America’s institutions of higher learning may be lost forever to the radical left,
in college students in Arizona can now take a class on “hating whitey.”

In line with the extreme academic discipline called critical race theory, which is prevalent on
campuses across America, Arizona State University is now offering a course on “the
problem of whiteness,” according to Campus Reform.

Critical race theory is a belief that relies heavily on the myth of institutional racism, the
opinion that racism is inherent in America, brought on by white privilege and white

The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities.
No one, including the bullied FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, thought the agency would go this far. The big politicization came when President Obama in November demanded that the supposedly independent FCC apply the agency’s most extreme regulation to the Internet. A recent page-one Wall Street Journal story headlined “Net Neutrality: How White House Thwarted FCC Chief” documented “an unusual, secretive effort inside the White House . . . acting as a parallel version of the FCC itself.”…
The more than 300 pages of new regulations are secret, but Mr. Wheeler says they will subject the Internet to the key provisions of Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, under which the FCC oversaw Ma Bell.


The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’
The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site.
The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights.

Unlike a precinct, no one taken to Homan Square is said to be booked. Witnesses, suspects or other Chicagoans who end up inside do not appear to have a public, searchable record entered into a database indicating where they are, as happens when someone is booked at a precinct. Lawyers and relatives insist there is no way of finding their whereabouts. Those lawyers who have attempted to gain access to Homan Square are most often turned away, even as their clients remain in custody inside.
“It’s sort of an open secret among attorneys that regularly make police station visits, this place – if you can’t find a client in the system, odds are they’re there,” said Chicago lawyer Julia Bartmes.

Post-college life isn’t working out for you, is it? I don’t mean this as an insult, but look at you: You’re sitting at work and reading this on the down-low, alt-tabbing to a spreadsheet your boss asked you to do four days ago whenever he walks by. It doesn’t take four days to do a spreadsheet. You know this. Your boss knows this. Nobody even wants the spreadsheet you are pretending to make. You will go home and your roommate will ask you what you did today and you won’t be able to remember.
It wasn’t supposed to go like this. You imagined walking out straight from the graduation ceremony into a good job—OK, maybe you didn’t have this pictured so clearly in your head, but you imagined an interview at some hip office, a boss lauding your 3.5 GPA, your film studies degree, your semester spent DJing a bluegrass show on college radio. Health insurance! A bank account that’s never empty! Parents who don’t lie to their friends about what you do!
Thing is, that’s usually not the case, is it? Here are the three things that happen to you post-college:


The stalemate over funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was broken Wednesday as the Senate voted 98-2 to proceed to legislation that would prevent a partial government shutdown.
Democrats agreed to support the DHS bill after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) stripped out provisions inserted by the House that would reverse President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.
The only votes against proceeding to the bill came from Sens. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).
“Democrats will support getting on the House Homeland Security funding bill. In exchange, the leader will provide the only amendment, [it] will be a clean Homeland Security funding substitute,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said

[I thought Harry Reid wasn’t the Senate Majority Leader any more.  Obviously, my mistake]

President Obama warned workers at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: implement executive amnesty, or else.
He made the comments in a town hall event on immigration on MSNBC.
According to the White House pool report, President Obama was asked for reassurance that people wouldn’t be deported as the legal battle over the executive amnesty plays out in the courts.
“Until we pass a law through Congress, the executive actions we’ve taken are not going to be permanent; they are temporary. There are going to be some jurisdictions and there may be individual ICE official or Border Control agent not paying attention to our new directives. But they’re going to be answerable to the head of Homeland Security because he’s been very clear about what our priorities will be,” Obama said, according to a partial transcript provided by the pool reporter.


During the country’s centurieslong occupation by the Ottomans, avoiding taxes was a sign of patriotism. Today, that distrust is focused on the government, which many Greeks see as corrupt, inefficient and unreliable.
“Greeks consider taxes as theft,” said Aristides Hatzis, an associate professor of law and economics at the University of Athens. “Normally taxes are considered the price you have to pay for a just state, but this is not accepted by the Greek mentality.” . . . Alleged corruption among politicians only strengthens Greeks’ conviction that evading taxes in their own everyday lives isn’t a serious crime, and little stigma is attached to getting caught, unlike in other European countries or even the U.S.

[From the comments]
Socialists outsource personal virtue. They no longer donate to charity, they have government welfare programs for that. They no longer have the capability to protect themselves, they have government law enforcement for that. They don’t bother to be tolerant or accepting of others, they have the government mandate and then enforce it under threat of law. Their word is valueless unless hauled into court and the government forces them to uphold the terms of their agreement.
Is it any wonder that they eventually decide that if the government wants taxes, it should print money and pay them itself?