March 2015

Just to get into the subject, I will utilize a comment from another blog:

I find it hilarious that the “Scientific Consensus” can’t even get the science right.  Carbon is the basis of pretty much everything (Organic Chemistry 101).  Carbon Dioxide is the substance that the environmental terrorists claim is affecting them climate in whatever way they choose to do so today.  Also, the atmosphere is 0.039% carbon dioxide, which is barely a trace element.  So if we doubled the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere it would still only represent only about .078% of the atmosphere.  Part of the reason for this is plants “breath” in Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen (Biology 101).  So at the end of the day the actual amounts of increase in Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere are not only miniscule, but are constantly being consumed by plants.  So let’s start referring to this as the “remedial scientific consensus” because obviously these “scientist” know very little about science. 

Remember that this is not really about science.  It is not about “saving the environment”.  It is about power.  Period.  End. Of. Sentence.  The utilization of “climate change” or any other greeny vocabulary are for the simple purpose of removing our freedom and applying their power.  Greenies are just watermelons – green on the outside and red on the inside.  Further illustration?  Not a problem:  (from siblinginbox)

FEMA to Deny Funds to States Whose Governors Won’t Endorse Global Warming Hoax

Shouting hysterical lies doesn’t work with everyone. The hardcore climate deniers may have to be persuaded by extortion. Via the ecomoonbat site Inside Climate News:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is making it tougher for governors to deny man-made climate change. Starting next year, the agency will approve disaster preparedness funds only for states whose governors approve hazard mitigation plans that address climate change.

Where do our federal overlords get the money for disaster preparedness funding? From people who live in the states. Once again the cancer in Washington is bribing us with our own money — or rather extorting us.
Large sums are involved. FEMA hands out $1 billion per year for disaster preparedness.
What’s next after requiring governors to pretend they believe in the global warming hoax? An oath of personal fealty to Obama may not be far in the future.

“This could potentially become a major conflict for several Republican governors,” said Barry Rabe, an expert on the politics of climate change at the University of Michigan. “We aren’t just talking about coastal states.” Climate change affects droughts, rainfall and tornado activity. Fracking is being linked to more earthquakes, he said. “This could affect state leaders across the country.”

Apparently meeting energy needs in violation of leftist ideology by fracking could also jeopardize federal funds.
Every penny of money coming out of Washington is attached to a string. Dance when the strings are pulled or you don’t get your money.
As for where the American public fits in this:

The new federal rules don’t require public involvement in the creation of states’ disaster preparedness plans, eliminating the opportunity for environmental groups and concerned citizens to submit comments or concerns about the assessments.

That is, our role is limited to paying our taxes and doing as we are told. At the federal level we are not represented but ruled.


I placed a video some time ago about handling unlawful stops.  When there is no rule of law, the following occurs:

I think Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn needs to be consulted as to proper response.

We have weeds, mud and some trees in the back yard.  We also have a dog.  As long as the weather is pleasant, the dog goes outside and performs appropriate actions keeping the weeds green and the house free of scattered waste.  There are rainy days though, when the dog decides it’s not in his best interest to go outside and tries to take care of business in a side hallway.  The shampooer has had uses and we had discussion as to what to do for this problem.  He needs to go outside, but when the weather is lousy, there needs to be something of assistance for this process.  I suggested a small roof and as the project formed details were added.  After all, nothing can be extremely simple.  What’s the fun in that?  So, the roof needs to be attached to the house by the back porch so that the dog can go straight to the point of execution and return with minimal fuss.  We have him well trained, don’t we?  But, to put it there would make the point of discharge next to the house and over time there may be a ramification to such a location.  A method of cleaning needed to be considered.  We came up with the idea that the area be lined with plastic and a drain be in place under the roof so that any liquid may be rinsed.  The rinse needs to go somewhere, so the garden seemed to be the most logical place.  The area will have blocks on the outside to separate from the grass, plastic barrier under it and a drain to the garden for when we decide to rinse out the liquids.  That was the plan.  Execution is in the process and we now have a small trench to show:

photo 1(3)The blocks to the left are to maintain a separation from the house. Once the roof structure and outside blocks are placed,  we plan to install a grit like is in front of the pet store.  I’m hoping that will cure the bad weather problems and save the shampooer for other than emergency usage.

I was chatting with siblinginbox the other day about the movie (Order of the Phoenix) and was informed that the author wrote characters and situations mimicking British bureaucracy and a particular teacher.  I had a flight of fancy and imagined my teachers through the years.  For the most part, I had decent individuals.  Some were better instructors than others, but they did their jobs.  I have heard stories of other teachers which made me consider it must have been fun for this author to have the instructor grabbed by a giant, passed off to centaurs and hauled into a forest.  I’m sure others have desired such an end for their horrible less than average teachers.

I have been slowly watching through the Harry Potter and the current one being watched is “Order of the Phoenix.”  I have not finished it, but am noting an interesting story line.  The powers that be are taking over the school and setting up training in such a way that the students are not able to fend off the “dark arts” if need be.  That training has been removed and replaced with rote study because passing a test is the purpose of school.  That concept struck me as written out of our real life schools.  The children are no longer receiving real history, rigors of geography, hand calculation of math, etc.  That which is not taught  or later learned is not available when needed.  The our children are being hobbled by the powers that be so that later they will not be able to face the dark forces coming.  In real life, these dark forces are totalitarianism, communism, evil (after all, it’s just his/her culture) islam which is an evil ideology, not religion – historically speaking, what was our first military hero doing?  He was fighting muslims.  That is not taught in school any more.  I learned it on my own.  When the forces gather to take control,  the war is begun, our population is not trained how to respond.  Our founders had Biblical principles to guide their decisions, and developed the most astounding political document this planet has ever seen.  I can’t see that feat ever repeated because of the lack of training given to our students.  Grrrrr.  Where I left off the story last night was Harry Potter taking it upon himself with a couple friends to train his fellow students from his own experience.  In real life, I see this as the blogs presenting reality in the midst of a propaganda sea provided by our MSP with the powers that be trying to place whatever placards they can to stop us – “net neutrality.”

We got home the other evening after work and had the repetitive question: “What’s for supper?”  The factors considered were lunch, contents of refrigerator, eat out money, time.  There was a bag of cooked turkey which was thawed and was asking to be used.  Considering our lunches and previous suppers, going over rice was considered and scrapped.  Spouse in box diced up the turkey and added to a fry-pan with margarine.  Once the margarine was melted, a can of mixed veges entered the picture.  Spouseinbox asked about a thickened mixture to add which was not white, so I set about using some chicken broth from the fridge and a heaping tablespoon of  cornstarch to make a thick sauce for addition.  All that needed to be done was mix and keep stirring until it boiled.  This thickened mixture was blessed with salt, lemon pepper and added to the turkey.  Oh, and a spoon of lemon juice was added to the turkey vege mix as well.  This was turned to low and simmered for a minute when spouseinbox noted that it looked like the filling to a pot pie.  Mominbox likes those, so I set about making a pie crust.  This was about a cup and a quarter of flour, about a third cup of shortening, shake of salt, and cut with a knife until it appears like a coarse meal.  (I saw that description in a cooking book way back in a former life.)  Then add just enough milk to make the substance form into a dough, taking care not to mix too much, and roll out into the crust.  I put this into a small oven bowl and baked for about 5 minutes before adding the turkey mixture and applying a top.  The completed unit needed to bake for another 18 min or so to get the top browned.  Mominbox was quite pleased.

We just ate the filling and used the remaining pie crust rolled out flat in a cookie sheet with cinnamon and sugar spread on top.  Quite a fitting end to the supper.  🙂

Via Bayou Renaissance Man we have some interesting reading:

Alberto Nisman, the Argentinian prosecutor investigating the possible involvement of that country’s President in a terrorism scandal, was found dead in his apartment in January.  His death has all the hallmarks of an assassination.

Read the rest.  Imagine muslims trying to cover up the bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994.  Sort of sounds like business as usual.  Though this time it is outside our back door which is wide open thanks to the…. (you can finish the adjectives for the crew in power)

Read the rest, as well as the link.

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