I have long described islam as an ideology with a white-wash of religion.   In its application there is deceit, lying as an art form, and attempts to use your neighbors, among other such enduring characteristics.   One article described them interacting among themselves as such:

A Muslim country with a terrorist problem points the terrorists to another country. That’s a major reason why Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are disaster areas. It’s also why our Gulf allies keep funding the terrorists attacking America. Not only is it the religiously devout thing to do and confers geopolitical advantages on them, but it’s also the international equivalent of dumping your toxic waste next door.

Islam as toxic waste.  I like that.  I know he is specifically describing the terrorists, but it is like eating with one chopstick – two are required.  One stays put and provides the stability for the moving one to do its work.  To only focus on the terrorists is to ignore the stability provided by their counterparts.  They are stable and not moving for a reason.  That faction provides not only plausible deniability to the nature of islam, but also provides material support for the actively destructive ones.