The other day I saw a small clip of some political type speaking of the need to have “net neutrality”.  The comment made was that we the consumer may be limited by the server company and not have availability of websites we may desire.  *blink, blink*  Excuse me.  I had cable.  The cable company didn’t provide Fox on the package I had, so I asked to have it added and was informed that to increase the package for that inclusion would only increase the price 3 times what I was paying and provide an additional 50 channels I had not requested.  Guess what.  I am sending money to another company now that provides the Fox channel with the package I have purchased close to the price I was previously paying.  It’s called the free market and works well as long as the feds keep off their hands.  The only way things get buggered up is if those political types get involved.  Yet, we are told that the market is such we can’t handle the possibility of a company not providing something we want.  Excuse me.  I don’t agree with that mindset and just provided a simple example of how we who live in real-ville deal with real life.  It happens quite well without political types getting involved, thank you.  I just thought it showed more what they think of us than anything else – that we would actually believe they were looking our for our welfare as we are unable to do so ourselves.  I consider that insulting.  It would be interesting to see how these political types would do in the market where personal labor, skill, and acumen were required to obtain grocery money – not the ability to use the force of government to remove it from those of us who work.