Part of being a nurse is the requirement that one obtain 20 hours of CEU’s every two years.  The board of nurses was leaving the choice of class to the nurse, but lately has increased instruction on what classes were allowable.  We found a class which would apply to both of us and was on a Saturday in San Antonio.  That would make a nice road trip for the weekend.  We bought the tickets for the class and researched a hotel.  The ones downtown near the class were pricey beyond belief, but there was relief.  Route 281 went down through downtown and provided an easy path to the class from a location affordable for the trip.  Problem solved.  Then we took the trip.  Finding the hotel was not difficult and we got a few hours sleep allowing enough time to run through BigBox in the morning.  I am not buying sudafed, even though it is my preference, as I don’t want to register my cold with the state.  Yes, the running, blowing, snuffing is here and we decided on enough time in addition to the trip to class to allow a side trip for over the counter cold remedies – so the class wouldn’t be disturbed too much by the noise.  That was the plan.  Alarms were set and we moved appropriately in the morning to the car.  The car moved us quite nicely to route 281 and the highway workers altered our route.  The city had decided to repave, fix, add signs, or whatever other things were decided on that section of highway.  End result was a road closed, all traffic moved to the access road and the stop lights on the access road were still operating quite well.  Our extra time planned for BigBox was spent in bumper to bumper traffic on the access road.  Truth be told, we did take the side trip to BigBox and got the over the counter meds and made it to the class in time.  So, even though the trip didn’t execute as planned, allowing extra time saved the morning.