I have been slowly watching through the Harry Potter and the current one being watched is “Order of the Phoenix.”  I have not finished it, but am noting an interesting story line.  The powers that be are taking over the school and setting up training in such a way that the students are not able to fend off the “dark arts” if need be.  That training has been removed and replaced with rote study because passing a test is the purpose of school.  That concept struck me as written out of our real life schools.  The children are no longer receiving real history, rigors of geography, hand calculation of math, etc.  That which is not taught  or later learned is not available when needed.  The our children are being hobbled by the powers that be so that later they will not be able to face the dark forces coming.  In real life, these dark forces are totalitarianism, communism, evil (after all, it’s just his/her culture) islam which is an evil ideology, not religion – historically speaking, what was our first military hero doing?  He was fighting muslims.  That is not taught in school any more.  I learned it on my own.  When the forces gather to take control,  the war is begun, our population is not trained how to respond.  Our founders had Biblical principles to guide their decisions, and developed the most astounding political document this planet has ever seen.  I can’t see that feat ever repeated because of the lack of training given to our students.  Grrrrr.  Where I left off the story last night was Harry Potter taking it upon himself with a couple friends to train his fellow students from his own experience.  In real life, I see this as the blogs presenting reality in the midst of a propaganda sea provided by our MSP with the powers that be trying to place whatever placards they can to stop us – “net neutrality.”