We got home the other evening after work and had the repetitive question: “What’s for supper?”  The factors considered were lunch, contents of refrigerator, eat out money, time.  There was a bag of cooked turkey which was thawed and was asking to be used.  Considering our lunches and previous suppers, going over rice was considered and scrapped.  Spouse in box diced up the turkey and added to a fry-pan with margarine.  Once the margarine was melted, a can of mixed veges entered the picture.  Spouseinbox asked about a thickened mixture to add which was not white, so I set about using some chicken broth from the fridge and a heaping tablespoon of  cornstarch to make a thick sauce for addition.  All that needed to be done was mix and keep stirring until it boiled.  This thickened mixture was blessed with salt, lemon pepper and added to the turkey.  Oh, and a spoon of lemon juice was added to the turkey vege mix as well.  This was turned to low and simmered for a minute when spouseinbox noted that it looked like the filling to a pot pie.  Mominbox likes those, so I set about making a pie crust.  This was about a cup and a quarter of flour, about a third cup of shortening, shake of salt, and cut with a knife until it appears like a coarse meal.  (I saw that description in a cooking book way back in a former life.)  Then add just enough milk to make the substance form into a dough, taking care not to mix too much, and roll out into the crust.  I put this into a small oven bowl and baked for about 5 minutes before adding the turkey mixture and applying a top.  The completed unit needed to bake for another 18 min or so to get the top browned.  Mominbox was quite pleased.

We just ate the filling and used the remaining pie crust rolled out flat in a cookie sheet with cinnamon and sugar spread on top.  Quite a fitting end to the supper.  🙂