We have weeds, mud and some trees in the back yard.  We also have a dog.  As long as the weather is pleasant, the dog goes outside and performs appropriate actions keeping the weeds green and the house free of scattered waste.  There are rainy days though, when the dog decides it’s not in his best interest to go outside and tries to take care of business in a side hallway.  The shampooer has had uses and we had discussion as to what to do for this problem.  He needs to go outside, but when the weather is lousy, there needs to be something of assistance for this process.  I suggested a small roof and as the project formed details were added.  After all, nothing can be extremely simple.  What’s the fun in that?  So, the roof needs to be attached to the house by the back porch so that the dog can go straight to the point of execution and return with minimal fuss.  We have him well trained, don’t we?  But, to put it there would make the point of discharge next to the house and over time there may be a ramification to such a location.  A method of cleaning needed to be considered.  We came up with the idea that the area be lined with plastic and a drain be in place under the roof so that any liquid may be rinsed.  The rinse needs to go somewhere, so the garden seemed to be the most logical place.  The area will have blocks on the outside to separate from the grass, plastic barrier under it and a drain to the garden for when we decide to rinse out the liquids.  That was the plan.  Execution is in the process and we now have a small trench to show:

photo 1(3)The blocks to the left are to maintain a separation from the house. Once the roof structure and outside blocks are placed,  we plan to install a grit like is in front of the pet store.  I’m hoping that will cure the bad weather problems and save the shampooer for other than emergency usage.