Saturday morning held the presentation of the third of a tetrad of blood moons.  It was reasonably timed at 0600 and we went out with a telescope and camera on stand.  I worked with various settings over the next hour, while fighting with location and clouds.  Remember that the cause of the eclipse is the earth moving between the sun and the moon.  The three are moving.  The sun, I don’t know how much, but when focusing the camera 800,000 miles away, the moon moves in the viewscreen.  I started with and ISO of 3200 and lowered it to 100 at the same time increasing the shutter time from 1/2 second to 15 seconds.  At the end, the moon disappeared.  The morning light blocked out any further view, and I was left with a blue screen and no warnings from Micro$oft.IMG_4199 IMG_4207 IMG_4216 IMG_4233 IMG_4243 IMG_4249 IMG_4264