This comment nailed the present state supported and covered by propaganda presented by the MSP.

Because she is the smartest, toughest, and most experienced player out there.

I was around political true believers all the time when I did IT support for the Executive Office. Needless to say, their superiors love them, because they will gladly sacrifice all, including turning a blind eye to criminality, for their champion. And the strange thing about it — the true believers are not so much believers in a cause to which they maintain a high standard of ritual purity, they are true believers in a political leader to whom they give total loyalty. After reading far too much on the mistakes of the cult of personality (Stalin) or der Fuhrerprinzip, finding such loyalty & obedience on open display in a Republic scared & repulsed me.

But you know what? Politicians demand it of their staffs, & sadly, they get it.

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Imagine the desire for truth and the difference it would make in media, news, politics, culture.  All this present excrement would not survive in an environment of truth.