We received a commercial in the mail the other day.


Let me start by noting that for once in an ad, there is a white male playing with a child in an appropriate fashion without negatives associated with the adult male.  How strange is that?  (For comparison, how far back do you have to go to find a decent adult white male?)  Now, let’s note what is being sold here.  Dish.  What is Dish?  It is a satellite television programming service selling entertainment delivery to an image and sound producing machine located within a residence for a monthly fee.  What is the image presented?  An active association between an adult and child outside.  What on earth association is there between outside active play and inside sedentary passive observation?  None, actually.  It is a contrast, and Dish wanted me to associate the good feelings associated with interacting with a child to their sale of passive television programming.  Sorry, I’m too cynical for that ad.  Sell it to someone who believes that cigarettes are associated with a macho man on a horse in the American West, and not a small cell lung cancer patient on the ward…