The refusal to answer a question, obfuscation of answer and hiding behind translation were points where I had enough.  Sean Hannity interviews these types and keeps an argument going, even when it is abundantly obvious there is no decent end in sight as the person in question has no desire for the truth.  If you don’t deal with truth, don’t waste my time.

The lady did make a good point.  Those muslims who are quiet just are the support for those who make the nightly news.  There is no difference in ideology, just levels of violence.  The illustration of chopsticks works here.  It takes both the stationary stick and the moving stick to be effective.  Either by itself, is not practical.

In the comments, it was noted that there were 231 million killed per Islam. (I am just taking the author’s word)  Add another 100 million per communism and compare that number to those killed in the black death.

For those who argue that muslims are just reacting, consider the comparison of the crusades to muslim incursions.