Last night, we altered our menu for the week and decided to use up some filling.  Let me back up a bit.  At the end of last week, we made some stuffed peppers.  The basic recipe came from a book which told how to cook for a day and freeze and use meals for a month.  Anyways, one of those recipes was for stuffed peppers with instructions on the filling – where that is made and the peppers are boiled for 3 minutes, stuffed, and baked for half an hour.  We discovered that it works well as a bag of stuffing in the freezer without the peppers.  When needed, thaw and make the peppers all within the hour.  This was the filling left in the refrigerator.  We also had half a box of manicotti in the pantry which had graced the shelf for many months.  How about combining them?  Well, we boiled the manicotti, warmed the stuffing enough to place inside, opened a can of tomato sauce and covered the top, then placed in the oven.  After about 40 minutes, we removed them, placed on a plate and sprinkled a little cheese on the top.  photo

I will say it was pretty decent for a few minutes of work.