We have friends from church who have an interesting ministry – the man takes the cross along the roads and speaks to whoever wishes to converse or need prayer.  As much mileage as a nurse’s feet get, I believe this guy beats me.  Anyways, we contacted he and his wife the other week and asked if there was anything they needed.  The reply came that a wheel with spare inner-tube was needed.  The size was provided and we went to the local hardware supply and found the appropriate parts.  During the exam, I noted an inscription on the side of the wheel – “not for highway use.”  Considering that this is where this individual did most of his walking, I had to comment and say, “I have your wheel, but it may be problematic as it says, not for highway use.”  The reply returned, “i hope the police leave me alone.” (or something close to that.)  Father-in-law was visiting, and I was telling him this tale.  He provided his own: Apparently, many moons ago, he worked on a farm driving a tractor.  Flats were a constant hazard with this piece of equipment and quite the pain in the neck.  The owner discovered that there was an air base nearby which would sell their used tires to the farmer.  These actually fit the tractor and allowed observers to note the speed limit of the tractor.  Embossed on the side was, “not to be used over 200 miles per hour.”