Marxism was started with the book by Carl describing the inevitable war between those who had wealth and owned factories for example, against those who didn’t have wealth and worked in the factories.  That idea has spawned may grandchildren which have expression in the uprisings in Baltimore, California, Detroit, Chicago, etc.  Besides the owners and workers, we now have the colors, blacks, homosexuals, muslims, overweights, ignorant, and any other broken-off group that can be named.  In fashion honoring the origin of the thought, each of these are pitted against others, and with assistance of the MSP (main stream propagandists) laws no longer have the importance in this country – association does.  Seeds of Marxism breed vandalism, conflict, and disarray.  In the personal setting, this is seen in the way one looks at their boss.  The jealous approach decides that the manager makes X off of my labor, therefore, I am not paid enough.  The roots of this line of thought are jealousy, envy, and Marxism.  Dave Ramsey set a thought down my mental roller coaster.  He noted that he made money by making others wealthy.  His service to others paid himself.  I brought that concept back to the more familiar work place and realized that the owner may be paid off the labor of the workers, but the owner was also providing a place, opportunity, and means for others to make money.  So, I can either trade my time for money, or I can provide the means for others to trade their time for money.  Either way, it is a more positive approach to the situation.