I am going to be a bit up front and honest.  There are moments in one’s life that constitute a “crossing over”, a time where life is not going to be the same: the first set of keys, the high school diploma, the wedding ring.  In the medical community, there is a moment shrined in insurance coverage permissions marking the half-century as the blessed time at which point a doctor gets to look at the patient from the inside.  Dave Barry wrote eloquently about this experience.  What he mentioned not knowing, I know.  I have assisted in this procedure.  I have prepared patients for this procedure.  I know what they are going to do.  Let me pause for a moment and acknowledge that in certain areas, ignorance truly is bliss.  Knowledge carries an emotional weight and to be honest, I tend to think, brood, contemplate all of the complications possible.  I guess that for the most part, all comes out all right.  So when I am typing tomorrow, it will probably be while wearing a seat-belt.