Disclaimer: if you don’t want to know about colonoscopy, EGD and preparation thereof, skip this post.

I was originally thinking of posting something during the process, but in the middle of it, didn’t feel like doing much, so I didn’t. The prep I was given was the Moviprep which was 2 liters split between the afternoon and the following morning. I started it as instructed, and the first thing noted was the horrible taste. The more I drank, the less I wanted it, but did get the prescribed amount down in just over an hour. The gut didn’t feel great and I just posted myself in a chair next to the bathroom door. About 10 PM, I realized that not enough was being removed, so I had spouseinbox go to the store and obtain a bottle of magnesium citrate. This done and ingested, we went to bed. About 0215, the effects started. I cat-napped from then on as my insides received their first complete cleaning since birth. (My doctor, for whom I work, made that observation.) Anyways, the second jug of prep was finished and I fulfilled the goal which I had presented to patients multiple times in the past. It’s different being on the other side of a procedure. And yes, I was a bad patient. The nurse at the facility had to fuss at me and tell me to be a patient, quit being a nurse. Very difficult task, indeed. Now, to my nervousness, I had experience assisting, which I have previously mentioned, as well as testimony from mominbox how she remembered the procedure and described the pain level as a 10. I had those pictures in mind. The nurse stated that they started using propofol about 3 weeks ago. They had experience with patients waking during the procedure, and decided to change medication for sedation. All my worries dissipated. This was the med used on Michael Jackson, which caused his demise due to poor monitoring. I asked about an ET tube and was informed that the nurse anesthesiologist would only dose enough to sleep, not inhibit the breathing. Interesting. I was asked about experience with the procedure in the procedure room and told them, “Congratulations! You are sixteen. Here’s some keys.” “Congratulations! You are fifty, here’s a tube.” They placed the teeth protector in my mouth and had me roll on my side. I noted an odd scent in the oxygen tubing and woke up with spouseinbox holding an iced coke at bedside. The report was given that I was cleared for a decade. That means at my next milestone birthday, I get to look forward to this experience again. Joy. At least it will be a while before medical curiosity rears its head again.