When the brain is sedated, only the base operations are functioning. This is where things get interesting for observers…

I have been told that there was more to the story than what is in my memory bank. Spouseinbox filled in some details:

I was brought back from the procedure and spouseinbox was told to come back about 40 after the hour. I as the patient was completely out with eyes shut. Nurse said that I had done well. I opened my eyes a couple of times, blinked a couple of times, then closed them again. I go over to the side of the bed that you were facing and you were about ¾ on your side, but not all the way on your side. I get on the right side of the bed where you were facing me and you touch your shoulder and you looked up at me then turned completely over on the other side and went back to sleep. The doctor came in recognized me shakes my hand tell him that your my spouse and he asked if you were awake. I tell him no he gets up next to you where I was standing and calls our your name and you look up at him and kind of turn semi on your back and keep your eyes open as if you’re listening to him. I’m standing on the other side of the bed as he is showing the pictures and going through what he did. I forget you asked him some questions, but forget what they were. He told you that they may have to do the EGD in 3 years and your gave him a look and he immediately said that you don’t have to do the prep, you don’t have to drink the stuff. You looked like all right. Then I go and stand next to you after he leaves and we talked the whole time, but I don’t remember what we talked about, but I was rubbing your shoulder. The diastolic got as low as 47. The machine beeped, the nurse came in checked on you and told you to turn on your back, so you did and scooted up in bed. She asked what you wanted to drink and you immediately said cherry coke. And she tells you sorry, we don’t have any and named off what they had. You chose the coke. A little bit later, she brings it back in and you tell her that the original coke had cocaine in it. You the coke and you take a sip and start coughing. I take the cup from you and you look at me and say that the valve isn’t working right. You kind of act like the throat was sore, but deny it. Then at some point talked about getting up and walking right after getting the gallbladder removed. And you stated that you felt you couldn’t walk because of the effects of the anesthesia. The nurse said we could go to any restaurant, no driving for 24 hours, no getting married, no getting divorced, no signing legal paperwork or balancing the checkbook.

One statement made: “Even in my inebriated state, they could not get me to vote Democrat.”