Siblinginbox brought my attention to this video.  I noted it interesting that the “reporter” kept asking the same question.  Constantly, Repeatedly, Over. And. Over.  And. Over.  And. Over.  Let’s call them what they really are: democrat operatives with a publishing outlet.  Their only purpose is to get the appropriate sound bite to sink the election chances of Ted Cruise.  Now to my observation, when Ted Cruise asked if they hated Christians, there was no response.  I didn’t even notice a clearing of the throat.  This is just another one of the reasons I don’t trust a thing coming from the MSP any farther than I can throw this building.  (For those new to my abbreviation, MSP is the Main Stream Propagandists.)  I liked the reference he gave towards the end of the clip – California voted to define marriage appropriately, and a homosexual judge overturned the votes of a population.  Since when was that action democratic?  Where is the voice of the majority of the population?  How come a tiny minority can command the MSP such that the majority of the population lose their voice?  We are in the silence when the question is asked by Ted Cruise.  We are the ones despised by the MSP.  You can guess how much news I watch.  That being the case, it’s quite a shock when I do see some as I am not accommodated to the daily treatment afforded Christians and conservatives by the MSP.  I’ll stop for now.