At work, one of the coworkers likes a local rock station.  It’s not my style, but hey, we’re at work and they didn’t ask me.  One of the songs has a line, “hold on to 16 as long as you can.”  I haven’t checked the rest of the lyrics to see what sense there is, but just that concept sort of bothers me.  Hold on to the age when you just get the car keys and have no experience on how to control the vehicle.  Hold on to the age of ignorance on how to interact with peers and the opposite sex.  Hold on to ignorance provided by the indoctrination educational system which doesn’t teach real life issues. If you doubt that last sentence, consider those kids making change at the register.  They are in the system.  Hold on to the wonder of what vocation may be pursued.  There may be excitement about the prospect, but incredible ignorance as to all the details.  When people talk about going back and doing it again, what is not mentioned is doing it again with additional knowledge which life has provided in the mean time.  That knowledge was not present, and all of the mistakes made were made precisely because of that reason.  OK, add in a bit of attitude and the fact that one is not autonomous at that point – under the parent’s thumb which is another factor.  Hold on to 16?  No thanks.  Siblinginbox sent the following:

“A generation is now growing old, which never had anything to say for itself except that it was young. It was the first progressive generation – the first generation that believed in progress and nothing else…. [They believed] simply that the new thing is always better than the old thing; that the young man is always right and the old wrong.

And now that they are old men themselves, they have naturally nothing whatever to say or do. Their only business in life was to be the rising generation knocking at the door. Now that they have got into the house, and have been accorded the seat of honour by the hearth, they have completely forgotten why they wanted to come in.

The aged younger generation never knew why it knocked at the door; and the truth is that it only knocked at the door because it was shut. It had nothing to say; it had no message; it had no convictions to impart to anybody…. The old generation of rebels was purely negative in its rebellion, and cannot give the new generation of rebels anything positive against which it should not rebel.

It is not that the old man cannot convince young people that he is right; it is that he cannot even convince them that he is convinced. And he is not convinced; for he never had any conviction except that he was young, and that is not a conviction that strengthens with years.”
– G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News of July 9, 1921

And on Media Credibility:
“Modern man is staggering and losing his balance because he is being pelted with little pieces of alleged fact which are native to the newspapers; and, if they turn out not to be facts, that is still more native to newspapers.” – G. K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 4/7/23


A couple of millennia ago, it was not considered proper for a man to get into adult discussion until the age of 40 as the level of life experience was considered too thin before that time.  Proverbs states that grey hair is a crown of splendor and the glory of children is their father.  That’s quite an interesting statement contrasted with modern life.  (I was just reading this, this morning in chapters 16 and 17)