June 2015

Last week we had a short conversation with the office manager of the clinic floor.  This manager mentioned how people complain about “everything.”  There was even a complaint about the Republican television station (Fox).  Earlier today, I caught the manager and asked if there was ever a complaint about a “Democrat” television station.  I was informed – no.

Maybe we on the side of reality need to let our opinions be known and say that watching propaganda is not appreciated.  That opinion would be much more accurate than calling Fox “Republican.”


The Spring was filled with stuff like shoveling a truck full of compost and running the tiller until unknown muscles were sore.  After that, the rocks needed to be raked and placed out of the way.  Fertilizer was added and also tilled. Finally, seed was applied to the area and watering and waiting began.


We had 5 servings from the one and gave away the other.

This evening, the work had a payday.  We had green beans right off the plants combined with turkey which was previously smoked.  This was joined by cut up cucumber from my doctor’s garden.  The starch was one of those flavored packages of noodle/rice/etc for a buck.  All in all, quite a nice dinner.  The flavor of the beans was really nice.  It’s interesting the difference from canned or restaurant where the effects of processing have to be covered.  We steamed ours.  A little shake of garlic salt was applied and the rest was left for the tastebuds.  We have already given away 3 zucchini and I’m thinking the corn, or at least a few ears, may be ready to try tomorrow.  We just have to decide with what to serve them.  Here is a pic of supper.  Supper

This portion of a comment from this post nails it.  It also explains why the political class are doing what they are doing.

“You cannot arm a slave and expect him to remain a slave. You cannot dis-arm a free man and expect him to remain free.”

For a bit of history, check out this article listing approaches to firearms related to slaves and free blacks.


We went to the beach to enjoy the sea water for an afternoon.  I have a couple of observations: even with 3 applications of sunscreen, we still had a bit of sunburn.  The seagulls were active fishing and the pelicans were flying in formation above.  I observed three fish jumping near where we were swimming.  All told, it was a pleasant afternoon.

One other thing I have observed about Houston.  Stop signs and speed limits are suggestions.  I would add stop lights to that list as well.  When the traffic is flowing, I can be speeding according to the speed limit, and be one of the slowest on the road.  When the traffic is heavy, 5-10 mph is common.  There are actually 60 mph speed limit signs through town where traffic regularly runs about 20-25.  I guess those are to provide hope.


New display on arrival. There are no engines on the wings. The area is corded off and labeled as in progress. I remember seeing this sight on the end of Kelly Air Force Base runway back in the late 90’s when driving through San Antonio. On return to get a picture, it had left.


This is the new space capsule under construction.


This is one of the robots being designed for deploying quickly to research areas of moon or asteroid. I was curious about the design as I have worked with robots in assembly. The design was around what was the job needed. After a couple of displays, I found a note that the robots were being designed with hands to match the operator.


The upper control panel on the display of the shuttle.


Actual control room from the Apollo launches.


Lunar soil and breakdown into minerals present.

DSC_0288 DSC_0289 DSC_0291 DSC_0295 DSC_0296 DSC_0297


1 year old elephant


I forget the name, but this is not a longhorn. I remember from the sign that the horns are used to help cool the animal. Impressive radiator.


Gorilla enclosure. There are 7 names posted. We only saw 2.


This curious one was just on the other side of the glass. Note the reflection of a cell phone. Kidinbox stated that these are very dangerous animals for the keepers as they are extremely smart. The keeper needs to be careful at all times. One example was that a female keeper was working with them and on turning her head, the animal grabbed her hair.


Active ants. They are carrying pieces of leaves. The sign stated that they are not eating the leaves, but rather the [fungus] that grows on the leaves.

DSC_0095 DSC_0098 DSC_0109 DSC_0156 DSC_0163 DSC_0164 DSC_0172 DSC_0185 DSC_0195 DSC_0213 DSC_0222 DSC_0237 DSC_0240

From here:

[Benghazi-Hill] is overrated. She’s overhyped. She’s overpromoted, overvalued, overconfident, overpriced, overbearing, overreaching, overpaid, over-age, and overweight.

I would also like to add: overprotected – by the MSP.  If she were a republican, you would have the research applied to Nixon and Palin combined with the invective thrown at Bush.  However, in her case, there is a bunch of manure.  Rose Law Firm billing records anyone?  Removing evidence is her MO. There is a long history.   Any of us try it, and they would have to pump light to where we would be put.  Selling access to the State Department?  Compare donations to the foundation to permitted sales to other countries and in interesting pattern emerges.  Any of us try a similar stunt, without protection of the MSP and see what happens.  I will continue to refer to this public refuse in the best association manner possible – Benghazi-Hill.  Let’s pair her with the deaths with whom she is associated – and responsible.

Just one link on the subject.

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