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Sorry about the San Jacinto monument.  I had it fixed in ‘edit’ and when downloading, it turned back 90 degrees.

We took a trip to Houston to visit the area and relax for a period of time.  During the trip down we noted a good eating place in Lampasas which had a restaurant named “Country Kitchen” which was a good stop.  They had home-made bread and other meal items comprising a wonderful dinner.  I would recommend stopping there if you are in the area.  The decor is a mix of license plates, pictures, and memorabilia throughout.  We drove around the eastern portion of Houston and discovered the battleship Texas of which most of the above pictures are.  You will note the perspective off the bow of the ship aiming at the monument.  The pool is in between the two.  The ship has an entrance fee and then freedom to roam.  We were able to climb down about half-way into the engine room and up about three levels above the main deck.  The cylinder you see is about 86″ across.  The levers are controllers located to the posterior of the engine and the unit (1 of 2) weighs about 1.25 million pounds.  The thrust is just under 15000 horsepower – all from steam.

The tugboat and barge were seen from a park just a bit Northwest from the battleship.  While there, we noted several individuals and groups tying chicken to strings and tossing them into the water.  On query, we were informed that was to catch the blue crabs.  We observed one couple having success.  The skill is to slowly guide the chicken leg to the surface and then get the net under the crab.  Once secured, toss the chicken leg back for another round.

The bridge was noted as rather tall, and designed for ships to pass without having to raise.  I’m thinking this one was the one I read about earlier which was built of a dimension for the navy, and the navy has yet to sail under.

I guess that brings you up to date to where we are now.  The Aquarium is our next stop.  We understand that they have birds and tigers there.  At the aquarium.  That’s an interesting combination of species at a place named for a certain group of animals.